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aloe vera

Currently, the trend of aloe vera as medicine and beauty products has increased, but this medicine and its unique benefits are much older. Aloe vera, also known as Ghritkumari or Guarpatha, is the surest remedy for many health and beauty problems.

In Ayurveda, it has been given the place of Maharaja as Ghritkumari, and in the world of medicine, it is also called Sanjivani. It has 200 castes, but the first five are useful for the human body, in which the caste named Barna Denis occupies the first place.
1 It contains 18 metals, 15 amino acids, and 12 vitamins. Its effect is hot. It is very nutritious in food. Applying it to the skin is equally beneficial. The juice is extracted by peeling and chopping its thorny leaves. Taking 3-4 teaspoons of juice in the morning on an empty stomach keeps strength and agility in the body throughout the day.
It is a strange plant to see two aloe vera, but there is no end to its qualities. This is where it is used for hemorrhoids, diabetes, uterine diseases, stomach upsets, joint pain, skin discolorations, pimples, dry skin, sunburned skin, wrinkles, facial spots, dark circles, cracked ankles. On the other hand, it is beneficial. It removes blood loss and increases the body’s immunity.

3 On burns, when the limb is cut off, on internal injuries, aloe vera quickly heals the wound due to its anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. It maintains blood sugar levels. It is beneficial for hemorrhoids, diabetes, uterine diseases, stomach upset, joint pain, skin discolorations, pimples, dry skin, sunburned skin, wrinkles, facial spots, dark circles of eyes, torn joints. Its pulp or gels should be removed and applied to the hair roots. The hair will be black, thick, long, and strong.

4 It also protects the skin from mosquitoes. Nowadays, aloe vera gels, body lotions, hair gels, skin gels, shampoos, soaps, facial foam, and beauty creams are being used indiscriminately in beauty parlors in the hair spa as a herbal cosmetic product for beauty. In minimal space, aloe vera can be easily grown in small pots.
Mixing with five aloe vera gels or juices mehndi and applying it to the hair will make the hair shiny and healthy. Many secrets of staying beautiful and healthy are hidden in the particles of aloe vera. It rejuvenates the entire body. All that is needed is to steal a little time from everyday busy life and adopt it.

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