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People are adopting these 7 measures to increase immunity

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At present, wearing vaccines, wearing masks, keeping two yards, washing hands frequently and keeping your immune system strong is considered the right way to avoid epidemics like the Covid-19 Coronavirus. People are adopting many measures to strengthen immunity. We recommend that you also try the following remedies only on the advice of a doctor.

1. Fruits and diet: To strengthen the immune system, people use vegetarian and sattvic diet as well as milk, yoghurt, ghee, butter, honey, mulberry, green leafy vegetables, coconut, sugar candy, kheer, panchamrit, dry fruits, sprouts, mausambi, Orange, Coconut water, Lemon juice, Decoction, Kale, Sevaphal etc. are consumed. Some people are also recommending eating onion and garlic. Many people are also consuming limousine multivitamin tablets as an alternative to this, which we cannot tell how appropriate it is.

2. Yoga: Many people have now included yoga in their daily routine. Pranayama and Surya Namaskar are considered very effective in yoga at the moment.

3. Decoction: Many people are also consuming Trikuta decoction in proper quantity from time to time, as stated by the Ministry of AYUSH. People are also consuming basil juice, Giloy Dhanwati, bitter salivation, ginger, black pepper, long and honey. It is believed that drinking the appropriate amount of ginger, black pepper, ginger and honey mixed with basil also develops immunity. For this, please consult the Ayurvedic doctor.

4. Massage: Many people are massaging the body in a manner of friction, punishing, patting, vibration and joint transmission. This makes meat muscles stronger. Blood circulation goes smoothly. It also relieves stress, depression. The body becomes radiant. If blood circulation in the body is smooth, then there will be no disease or disease of any kind.

5. Meditation: Nowadays, the trend of meditation is also increasing. The disease is called physical illness, and mourning is all kinds of mental suffering. Both have their origin in the mind, brain and any part of the body. Meditation makes that part healthy. Meditation fills the mind and brain with plenty of energy and positivity. The body also gets situated and starts gaining the ability to fight disease. Anxiety and contemplation will eradicate diseases.

6. Consumption of pure air and water: Wake up in the morning and go to the Mornik walk. Many people walk on foot for 1 hour in the morning. Walking is most beneficial for health. A hundred medicines rotated one. Doctors say that increasing their stamina by walking regularly does not have much or a fatal effect on the epidemic. You can also walk for at least half an hour in your house or on the terrace. Tell us that getting good sleep and living a relaxed life also increases immunity power. Insomnia begins to decrease with insomnia, fear, fear, or stress.

7. Turmeric milk or juice: Many people add turmeric to milk and drink it at night, while some people are consuming lemon head and turmeric mixed with lukewarm water. Turmeric is known for its antiseptic and antibiotic properties, and milk and calcium are similar to nectar for the body and mind.

Apart from this, people are periodically gargling salt and steaming. Also, fasting and exercising. Only sensible people must get out of the house.

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