Work From Home For Bodybuilding And Muscle Gain


If you want to maintain your body fitness while sitting at home, there are many such exercises, which you can do sitting at home during the lockdown. You are being told about some special exercises here.

To do bodybuilding, you must do regular exercise. Moreover, your diet should also be maintained. However, diet is maintained during this time. your exercise must have been missed due to the gym’s closure. But if you want to maintain your fitness, then here are some of the exercises you are being told about.

You can also do these exercises sitting at home. You will not need any gym equipment to do them, so let us tell you about these exercises without delay.

Gullet bridge

This exercise is very easy to do. If you want to strengthen your knees and feet, then this exercise will give you perfect fitness. You are not going to need any gym equipment to do this exercise. Just look at a place in any corner of the house where you can find a place to lie down. After that, you can do it according to the steps mentioned below. This exercise is most commonly done to make six-pack abs. In this, you are lying on the ground with your back, your hands clinging to the ground while you lift part of your abdomen above the ground and then back down on the ground.

How to do

Lay a mat on the ground and lie on your back.
Now bend your legs and keep your hands sticking to the ground.
Now both your feet and hands will stick to the ground, and you will lift your belly and back part of the ground to a 45 ‘degree angle between the hands and feet but return to normal.
Repeat this process at least 15 to 20 times.

Cobra Exercise

Cobra Exercise is also very easy to do at home, and you won’t have to worry too much to do it. This Bhujangasana is similar to yoga posture, but you do it as an exercise. It is used to pull out your chest and give a good shape to your shoulders.

How to do

Lay a mat on the ground.
Now lie on your stomach.
Now, with your hands towards you, try to lift the next part of the body with the help of your hands.
Note that the bottom of your stomach should be sticking to the ground.
Now stay in this situation for at least 4 to 5 minutes.

Front plank

This exercise is absolutely easy to do, and after doing work from home, you can do it on the roof of the house in the evening. It makes your shoulders strong and helps a lot in reducing your belly fat as well.

How to do

First of all, come to the position of pushups.
After that, please keep your hands folded with elbows and stick them in front of the ground.
Now remain in this situation for at least 5 to 7 minutes.

Bent ni sit up

This exercise will work very effectively to keep the stomach in and keep your six-pack abs intact. Many gym trainers are also advised to do this exercise. Your belly fat is reduced by doing this, and your chest gets the necessary exercise to take great shape. Not only this, but your six-pack abs can also be maintained.

How to do

First of all, lie back on the ground and bend your knees.
Now put your hands under the head.
In this situation, keep the feet sticking to the ground and bring your back part up to the knees.
After that, lie back on the ground.
Now repeat this process at least 10 to 15 times.
You can do this exercise both in the morning and evening.


There is no need to worry if the gym is closed in lockdown while doing work from home, as you can do pushups easily without any gym equipment to get the best fitness. If you want to make six-pack abs and don’t want to let your belly fat out, too, then this exercise will be very beneficial for you. You can do at least 15 to 25 pushups at a time, depending on your ability.

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